Sitting Down With Interview With The Vampire

Karina Longworth joins us to discuss AMC's Anne Rice adaptation!

The Vampire Lestat is back in a new series adaptation of Interview With The Vampire at AMC, and You Must Remember This creator Karina Longworth is here to talk about all its pleasures — which definitely extend past its bare butts, but very much include its bare butts. Around The Dial takes us through new seasons of The Amazing Race and Abbott Elementary; a new evolution of Celebrity Jeopardy!; and a not-so-new relic recently returned to YouTube: Bands On The Run. Dave explains why he is NOT a crackpot for thinking pilot episodes should include any title treatments that get added to later episodes. Sarah presented the Sopranos episode “Christopher” for induction into The Nonac. Then it’s on to the week’s Winner and Loser, before closing up with a tasty Game Time. You’ll want to sink your teeth into this one!