Should You Make An Offer On The Ugliest House In America?

The Ringer's Alison Herman returns to talk crappy floors and rhombus drawers, plus a Superstore Canon submission and a five-by-five Game Time!

Wretched real estate, Retta, and rocks indoors — The Ugliest House In America is back, and so is Alison Herman, as we debate which of the houses “in paradise” is the most hideous, talk Sarah through money-pit PTSD, and wonder if we haven’t finally found a show that actually belonged on Quibi. Then we went Around The Dial with a Hider In My House follow-up, Rap Sh!t, and Black Bird before Tara tried to stock the Canon aisles with a fourth-season Superstore. Teachers won, cops lost, and Number 5 was alive for a Nielsens Game Time. Take a break from gluing flannel to your bedroom wall and listen to an all-new Extra Hot Great.