Holiday Extravaganza

We're on holiday so we bring you four tales of TV holidays for you to enjoy.

EEHG 104: Spreading Around The Holiday Cheer

Eric A writes: lots of shows have done Christmas episodes. Friends did some great Thanksgiving episodes, and Roseanne was known for its Halloween episodes. Pitch an episode for a lesser-known or covered holiday. What show should do the episode, and how does it teach (or subvert) the message of the day?

EEHG 112: Making Your Theme Park Mark

Jim challenged us to turn a TV show into a theme park. The result is a real…roller coaster.

EEHG 132: You Can’t Spell “Travel” Without “TV”

As The White Lotus transports us all to a luxury resort, we’re thinking about vacations! We each share the TV location we’d most like to visit on holiday, and picking one or several TV characters to bring along for the trip.

EEHG 170: Hallmarketing

Irritation at a Hallmark Channel event called Loveuary led directly to this challenge, in which each of us creates one full year’s worth of programming events for the venerated Hallmark Channel. What are they called? What do they entail? How many are about chocolatiers dating lumberjacks? Find out!


  • Lead Topic 🎎 Lesser Known Holiday Programming
  • Lead Topic 🎒 TV Theme Parks
  • Lead Topic πŸ– TV Vacation Locations
  • Lead Topic πŸ—“ Hallmark Full Year Holiday Programming