Boldly Going With Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

First-time guest Andrew Cunningham on the Pike-centric new Trek, plus a Good Wife Nonac and Tube Tunes X!

We’re joined on the bridge this week by ATV Podcast‘s Andrew Cunningham, to talk about the latest addition to the Star Trek family, Paramount+’s Strange New Worlds: the benefits of procedural narrative, the Shatnerian properties of Anson Mount, and horny Spock. Then we transported ourselves Around The Dial with I Love That For You, Our Flag Means Death, and B-B-B-B-Bosch: Legacy, and listener Keira hoped to transport the lazily crappish series finale of The Good Wife into the EHG Nonac. Johnny Weir won, Tara’s soap predictions lost, and someone got a major lift from Tube Tunes 10 in Game Time. Grab your universal translator and beam up the latest all-new Extra Hot Great.