Getting To Know The Girl From Plainville

Stephanie Early Green returns to dig in on Hulu's latest true crime adaptation.

Hulu apparently felt that the Michelle Carter “texting suicide” case hadn’t been sufficiently covered by a Lifetime movie and a multi-hour documentary, so now its latest scripted true crime series, The Girl From Plainville, is taking its turn; Stephanie Early Green returns to discuss it. Around The Dial takes us through Music Box: Listening To Kenny G; Is It Cake?; Love On The Spectrum; and Mare Of Easttown. Amelia S. challenges us to forcen TV characters with TV episodes — to delight ones we like and torture ones we don’t. Stephanie presents the Detroiters episode “Hog Riders” for induction into the Canon. Then after naming the week’s Winner and Loser, it’s on to a real character of a Game Time. Take a break from yelling to everyone you know about Hulu’s taste level and listen to us do that instead!