Putting The "No" In Domino Masters

Brittany Luse is back for FOX's newest silly competition show, plus a Ramy Canon and a poetic Game Time!

Brittany Luse took a break from co-hosting FCN and HBO Docs Club to talk about FOX’s newest silly-competition reality show, Domino Masters — and we all found lots of reasons you should probably just watch “topples” on YouTube instead, including weak chemistry, weaker jokes, frustrating lack of camera coverage, and drama that doesn’t come from the craft. Oh, and: it’s about 38 minutes too long. We did better going Around The Dial with Winning Time, Survivor, select Euphoria episodes, Top Chef: Houston, and Fast Foodies, and then Tara drove us around New Jersey for awhile with her Ramy Canon presentation. Fighters won, Baby-Sitters lost, and we were poets and didn’t know it during a rhymin’, Dave-pointy Game Time. Remind yourself how “GOAL” is spelled and join us for an all-new Extra Hot Great!