Extra Hic Great

Lissen lissen lissen.

EEHG 097: Extra Hic Great

We challenged our listeners to get us to 1000 Patreon supporters by December 15, and they went above and beyond. Your reward? This drunk episode. Author, screenwriter, and sake enthusiast Pamela Ribon joins us as we discuss Bridgerton, the first Shonda Rhimes show to hit Netflix. Which of us found its 1813 society romances compelling? The answer won’t surprise you! Around The Dial takes us through How To With John Wilson, the feature film We Are Little Zombies (available to buy or rent on all the platforms), NBC’s revival of The Weakest Link, and Taskmaster NZ. A WILDLY compromised Dave pitches the Peep Show episode “Shrooming” for induction into the Canon; then after Dave crowns the episode’s Winner and Loser based on who’s most drunk, it’s on to the most shambolic Game Time ever. Pour yourself a LARGE cup of Christmas cheer and listen!