Testifying About Impeachment: American Crime Story

Lewinsky librettist Dan Rogge returns to discuss the latest installment of FX's true crime franchise!

Since the third season of American Crime Story revolves around Bill Clinton’s late-’90s impeachment scandal, we could think of no better guest to join us in discussing it than Dan Rogge, noted co-writer of the mid-’00s theatrical production Monica! The Musical. And we got him! Around The Dial takes us through A.P. Bio, Money Heist, Black Monday, and Only Murders In The Building. Katherine asks us to suggest better monikers for mis-named TV characters. Then Dan makes his case for inducting NewsRadio‘s Season 3 episode “Kids” into The Canon. Then we name the week’s Winner and Loser, and close out with a big-name Game Time. Got dry cleaning to drop off? Take us with you and listen!