Shut Up Alfred Poochinski

EHG Prime is off this week so we present you with three very different offerings from our Patreon show Extra Extra Hot Great.

EEHG 102: Sarah Forces Everyone To Watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents S03.E01: The Glass Eye

Join us for the third-season premiere of Sarah’s go-to mid-century anthology series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, featuring Captain Kirk, Jessica Tandy, ventriloquism Deadheads, spinster-ist propaganda, and a hall-of-fame crappy TV kid.

EEHG 122: Dave Forces Everyone To Watch The Failed 1990 Pilot Of Poochinski

Woof! Woof! I’m Poochinski, the talking dog!

EEHG 131: Hey You, Shut Up

150 things that need to shut up.