America’s-Birthday Forcenings!

We're celebrating our independence from quality by making each other watch "American" shows.

It’s a holiday week: time for a good old-fashioned Forcening, in which each of your EHG regulars makes another one watch a TV episode or movie. This time, we’re acknowledging July 4th by obliging one another to watch shows with “America” in the title, and Tara’s first up, forcing Sarah to watch 2000’s short-lived, extremely derivative, stupidly enjoyable Young Americans, a Dawson’s Creek spin-off featuring references to Stephen King, Dead Poets Society, The Skulls, and kindling. …Wait, that last thing was actually Kate Bosworth. Next, Sarah forced Dave to watch a third-season episode of cocaine fever-dream The Greatest American Hero — a great theme song in search of half-decent CGI, a team of writers who would stay for the whole episode, and better costume strat. Finally, Dave made Tara take The American Bible Challenge, and we all learned that there’s more than one Herod, it’s hard to flip a fork, and Jeff Foxworthy might be America’s Host. Praise God — it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great!