Zooming In On The Reality Show Exposure

Jessica Liese joins us to discuss Exposure, a Community Nonac submission, naval victories, and much more.

Jessica Liese is here to talk about a brand-new, brand-content competition reality show from Hulu — Exposure, in which professional photographers compete in irrelevant-to-their-strengths “influencer” challenges while rookie hosts Cole Walliser and Cat Jimenez make terrible photo puns. The problem isn’t so much the Samsung-fluffing; it’s that the show isn’t process-y enough, isn’t transparent about how the challenges work, and isn’t made by the same people who make Bake Off and could figure out how to turn an hour-long commercial for phone cameras into something informative with clear stakes. We were relieved to FOCUS (…sorry) on other topics in Around The Dial, including MAFS: Unmatchables, a ranking of MAFS: Mothership couples, Offspring, Top Chef, and 9-1-1: Lone Star. Listener Michaela pitched an un-Harmon-ious episode of Community for the Nonac before boats won, SNL lost, and we got bookish for Game Time. Take a break from dyeing your brows and hit play on an all-new Extra Hot Great.