Muppet Thunderdome

Adam Grosswirth joins us to determine which Muppet will survive a fight to the death!

Over New Year’s, we treated our Patreon supporters to a very important thought experiment: if 27 Smurfs entered Thunderdome to compete in battles to the death, who would be the last Smurf standing? Now, we are turning our minds to the same question…but with Muppets from The Muppet Show. Naturally, we had to bring in an expert to consider the question, which is why Adam Grosswirth of the Muppeturgy podcast is here. Will Fozzie Bear emerge alive from combat with Lew Zealand and Sam the Eagle? Does Camilla the Chicken peck her way out of battle with Sweetums and Scooter? Listen as we plumb the depths of these philosophical questions and so many more!



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