Is Waffles + Mochi The Cream Of The Crop?

The Ringer's Alison Herman makes a meal of Netflix's new kids' show, plus a Warrior Canon submission, documentaries in review, and more!

We’re thrilled the third time was the charm for our guest Alison Herman, as we all dug into the pro-cooking kids’ show from the Obama-tainment industrial complex, Waffles + Mochi. We talked about “variety” shows for children, whether Mrs. Obama is as stiff as Mochi is adorable, and supplemental tomato facts before going Around The Dial with Step Up: High Water, kid 90, Allen vs. Farrow, Greek, Last Chance U: Basketball, and famous original 9-1-1. Dave hoped a first-season episode of Warrior had a fighting chance to get into the Canon. British divorces won, American engagements lost, and we all struggled to see the answers in Tara’s non-regulation Game Time. Put a potato in some formalwear and join us for an all-new Extra Hot Great.