Brutal Bridesmaids Isn't Brutal Enough

Lifetime expert Brandon returns to discuss a bloodless LMN movie, plus The Mole tries to burrow into the Canon and Game Time heads to DC!

Brandon is back to talk about last weekend’s Brutal Bridesmaids and its strange lack of bloodshed, plus ugly bridal fashion, an emergency male-stripper substitution, and realistic wedding-party cliques. We went Around The Dial with Close Enough, Punky Brewster‘s reboot, Search Party, Murder Among The Mormons, and Dave’s 911 Lone Star report before re-imagining legendary episodes of TV as Lifetime movies in an Extra Credit from David Ellis Dickerson. We dug into a classic episode of The Mole for Canon Consideration, then declared the GLOW team winners and Joss Whedon a huge loser before heading to the DC-verse for Game Time. Chug that Booty Blaster; it’s time for an all-new Extra Hot Great.