The Equalizer Racks Up The "Fine"s

Adam Sternbergh returns to talk about the CBS reboot starring Queen Latifah, plus a Succession for the Canon and a Presidential Game Time!

Fametracker’s own Adam Sternbergh (oh, also the New York Times‘s but whatever)(hee) is back to discuss The Equalizer, the perfectly acceptable re-imagining of the ’80s classic. Whom on the panel did the new verzh win over with casting coups, origami tradecraft, and similarities to Leverage and Blindspot? Who called it the three-camera sitcom of cop shows? And is anyone setting their DVR to watch more of it? We went Around The Dial with Framing Britney Spears, Married At First Sight, GBBO, Big Family Cooking Showdown, and Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel before finding ways to Defund The Police Shows in an Extra Credit from Francoise. Succession tried to ascend to the Canon throne; comedy both won AND lost; and we may have flunked out of electoral college during Game Time. Settle down in front of your only-on-TV massive monitor bank for an all-new Extra Hot Great!