A Bridge & Tunnel Too Far

Dan Rogge is back to help us look for an off-ramp from Edward Burns's Epix "dramedy," plus ANTM novels, a Riverdale Nonac, and more!

Our esteemed colleague, “Pot Ledom”-ologist, and Long Island native Dan Rogge returns to analyze Edward Burns’s thoroughly mediocre Bridge & Tunnel, about the post-college lives and loves of six suspiciously hot high-school friends…none of whom can seem to master the accent. A huge music budget (and equally large commitment to the sex scenes) can’t make up for stilted dialogue, anachronistic argot, and Burns’s Lena Dunham-esque estrangement from the real-world problems of his characters. We went Around The Dial with Perfect Life, Walker, an America’s Next Top Model book, Everwood, and 9-1-1 Lone Star before contemplating our ideal 2024 presidential tickets in an Extra Credit, and then Dan proposed burning down Riverdale‘s fourth-season musical episode “Wicked Little Town” in his Nonac presentation. Jane Lynch won, Seventeen lost, and none of us had perfect 2020 vision in a mash-up Game Time from Dan Cassino. Chuck that EZ-Pass tag out the window: it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great.