Adjusting The Horizontal Hold For WandaVision

Variety's Caroline Framke joins us to talk about Disney Plus's mysterious new sitcom send-up!

Marvel Studios has kicked off its slate of TV series with WandaVision, a sort-of spoof of classic sitcoms starring a couple of Avengers. What’s actually going on? We don’t know (though Dave has theories), but Caroline Framke is here to talk about the two-part premiere! Around The Dial takes us through The Good Lord Bird, Call Your Mother, Season 2’s new Batwoman, the Premier League of football (or soccer, if you will), The Challenge, and Superstore — specifically, the voice Mark McKinney is using to play Glenn, and whether it’s worse than jazz. Suley presents the Steven Universe episode “So Many Birthdays” for The Canon. Then after naming the week’s Winner and Loser, it’s on to a Game Time that takes it to the bridge. Grab your nearest nosy neighbour and listen!