Is Tiny Pretty Things On Point?

Kamille Washington keeps us on our toes talking about Netflix's ballet-school attempted-murder mystery, plus 12 Dates Of Christmas, a S&TC Canon, and more!

First-time guest Kamille joins us for a conversation about Tiny Pretty Things, Netflix’s new Center Stage-with-teens ballet thriller (?), and while she watched the whole thing, neither she nor the fulltime panel thinks it’s good. But aside from the wretched VO, suspect acting, unwelcome parallels to 13 Reasons Why and decided un-Frenchness of cartoon villain Lauren Holly, is TPT a good time-waster? Not to worry: we found you some definite time-wasters when we went Around The Dial with The Wilds and 12 Dates Of Christmas, panned Deliciousness, and helped you cut down that HBO-documentary backlog with a watch-skip index of recent prestige true crime. We couldn’t help but wonder if Sex & The City‘s fourth-season premiere was the Canon’s soulmate. Boots Riley and Jharrel Jerome won (for now), Ellen and Ellen lost (again), and Suley wassailed us with a TV/Christmas song Game Time. Don’t let the dorm mother catch you listening to an all-new Extra Hot Great!