Unpacking The Undoing or Too Many Butterflies

Emily Yoshida returns to discuss the Kidman/Grant "thriller," plus a Halt And Catch Fire for the Canon, Steve James, and more!

What if Big Little Lies, but in New York City and with no point? That’s kind of how Emily and the regulars all felt about The Undoing, the latest Nicole Kidman-David E. Kelley collaboration for HBO; we admired the workmanship, while not really understanding what sets it apart from BLL (besides the quality of the wigs), or buying Kidman and Hugh Grant’s chemistry. Will any of us be successfully cliff-hung into watching all six episodes? Later, we investigated Around The Dial with stops at Archer, the new Supermarket Sweep, Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Morning Show, City So Real, and The Queen’s Gambit, before location-scouting “Domestic Survivor” for Don’s Extra Credit. Emily hoped the signal-to-noise ratio of a fourth-season Halt And Catch Fire episode would be good enough to connect it to the Canon. Stath Lets Flats won, Quibi lost, and Game Time proved a severe insult to the brain (and other things). Quick, look hunted! It’s an all-new Extra Hot Great.