The Right Stuff May Not Have...Well, You Know

Eater's Adam Moussa joins us for Disney+'s space race for dads, a UK Drag Race Canon entry lip-syncs for its life, and more!

Disney+ and NatGeo decided to remake beloved ’80s Mercury-astronauts epic (and earlier Tom Wolfe book) The Right Stuff as a series…and Adam Moussa decided to talk about it with us, a choice he may regret, because the four of us struggled to care. We struggled even to tell various astronauts apart, even, when we weren’t wondering why this needed to be made, whether we should recommend For All Mankind instead, and where various actors would be in the Twink Taxonomy. Then we splashed down into Around The Dial with stops at Connecting, The Good Wife, Dark Side Of The Ring, and Rise Of Empires: Ottoman, we ordered some bangers and Smash with a Canon presentation on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. AppleTV+ won, Max Ehrich was a giant loser, and we were absolutely horrified by the wordplay in Game Time. Strap in to the vomit comet: it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great!