Should You Search For Utopia?

Devindra Hardawar of /Filmcast joins us for Amazon's puzzle-show import, Mr. Robot tries to hack into the Canon, and more!

We’re thrilled Devindra could step over from Engadget and Slashfilm to talk to us about Utopia, Gillian Flynn’s reimagining of a belovedly culty UK original. Sarah was less thrilled by the show itself, which she’s probably bailing on after only two episodes, but the rest of the panel had good things to say about the story, the acting (especially John Cusack), and how fundamentally weird it is that Amazon chose to release Utopia anyway during All Of This. After a trip Around The Dial with Enola Holmes, Julie And The Phantoms, The Legend Of Korra, 30 For 30‘s new Oscar Pistorius deep-dive, and Dave’s long-awaited Cobra Kai review, we took the correct train to Coney Island for Whitney’s Canon presentation on the Mr. Robot pilot. Christine Baranski won, tight pants lost, and Game Time put a song in our hearts. Put down those raisins and cue up an all-new Extra Hot Great!