Run: Hot And Cold

Dan Blau Rogge's back for HBO's comedy-thriller, plus an ANTM Canon submission, Picard rage, and more!

Dan Rogge bought a ticket for our latest episode on HBO’s Run, a “comedy thriller” about college sweethearts trying to reunite. Does the pleasure of watching Merritt Wever and Archie Punjabi at work outweigh the credibility issues? Do phones in the Run-verse never need charging? And is Rich Sommer TV’s worst husband? We super-sized Around The Dial with stops at The Baker And The Beauty, Bosch, The Good Fight, Sesame Street, Money Heist, The Valhalla Murders, Devs, and Picard. And we chased that with a Sean double: first, whether he’s a crackpot for thinking streaming services should offer a single-storyline watching option; and then his Canon pitch for the virulently catchy America’s Next Top Model episode, “Game.” Amy Schumer won, Lori Loughlin lost, and the melody lingered on in a musical Game Time. Grab your show-branded airhorn; it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great!