Politely Sitting Through Amazing Stories

Mark Lisanti joins us to discuss the Apple TV+ revival of the mid-'80s Twilight Zone-alike!

Apple TV+ has brought Amazing Stories, the less-nihilistic take on The Twilight Zone, back for all the ’80s kids, though confusingly premiered this anthology series with only one episode. Mark Lisanti joins us to talk about the fishiness of this rollout strategy, and whether “The Cellar” was a compelling enough episode to get anyone back to watch more. Around The Dial takes us through For Life; a roundup of the series premieres on FX (and FX on Hulu): Devs, Breeders, and Dave; Jersey Shore: Family Vacation; and Season 3 of Babylon Berlin. Mark presents the “Hamm On Toast” episode of Toast Of London for induction into The Canon. Then after naming the week’s Winner and Loser, we all sit a spell for this week’s Game Time. Make yourself a bathtub gin and tonic and join us!