February Forcenings

We're programming one another's TV schedules again, which involves biting flies, the post-apocalypse, and a leather cowboy hat.

To keep you in content while Dave and Tara go on vacation, we’re forcening each other to watch TV episodes! Dave forcens Tara to watch what happens when a zombie virus ravages the Smurf village. Tara forcens Sarah to journey to Satellite Beach, FL as its high school re-mounts Annie Get Your Gun on Encore!. And Sarah forcens Dave to tag along with Josh in the series premiere of Netflix’s Daybreak. How did each of us take it? Listen and find out!


  • Lead Topic 💙 The Smurfs S01.E27: The Purple Smurf
  • Lead Topic 🎭 Encore! S01.E05: Annie Get Your Gun
  • Lead Topic 🌅 Daybreak S01.E01: Josh vs. the Apocalypse: Part 1