Sinking Our Teeth Into Dracula

Nick Rheinwald-Jones on the Sherlock team's take on Stoker's classic, plus a Buffy for the Nonac!

The BBC rolled out Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s Dracula on New Year’s Day; we Yanks endured it over the weekend, and Nick and the panel agree that this grimly joyless take on a careworn narrative needs SOMETHING. A modern-day setting, maybe? Mini bottle eps on every famous personage the Count has eaten? But it just seems like the creators didn’t really want to be there…and as a result, we didn’t either. Going Around The Dial is more fun, with looks at Dare Me, You, Magic For Humans, Spinning Out, and Dave’s tips for pepping up a Frasier rewatch. Then Nick returns us to the cemetery with his Nonac presentation on Buffy‘s fifth-season premiere. Killing Eve won, Witcher what-about-ers lost, and Steal Meals were flyin’ in a very meta Game Time. Stake your claim to 2020’s first all-new Extra Hot Great!