Stopping The Presses For Press On Masterpiece

Former newspaper journalist Daniel MacEachern joins us to talk about PBS's latest British miniseries import!

PBS’s Masterpiece has premiered the British miniseries Press, a tale of warring London newspapers, and we’ve brought a former newspaper reporter, Daniel MacEachern, back to the podcast to talk about it! Around The Dial clicks through Evil, Big Mouth, and Cash Cab, before we each pitch our own Fosse/Verdon-style limited series based on a real person’s life (and possibly a specific biography). Danny presents The Grinder‘s “Grinder v. Grinder” for induction into the Canon. Then we’re on to naming the week’s Winner and Loser, and finishing up with a Game Time that might sound a little familiar. Put down any newspaper you might be reading and listen to us instead!



  • Lead Topic 📰 Press
  • Around The Dial 👿 Evil
  • Around The Dial 👄 Big Mouth
  • Around The Dial 🚕 Cash Cab
  • Extra Credit 🤑 Small Screen / Larger Than Life
  • The Canon 🏆 The Grinder S01.E13: Grinder v. Grinder
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Rachel Maddow
  • Lead Topic 👎 Lindsay Lohan
  • Game Time 🧠 Familiar Situations