Tearing Down A Very Brady Renovation

Bobby Finger returns to discuss HGTV's Brady Bunch nostalgia play!

It’s the show Lance Bass never wanted you to see: A Very Brady Renovation, in which a collection of HGTV stars join forces with the surviving cast of The Brady Bunch to make the real-life Studio City home that served as the Brady house in b-roll look exactly like the Brady Bunch set inside. Who better to join us in discussing all the Who-lebrities involved than Who Weekly? co-host Bobby Finger! Around The Dial takes us through Season 3 of The Deuce, Part 3 of Money Heist, Ken Burns’s latest PBS documentary series Country Music, and Joe Pera Talks With You. Bobby presents the Enlightened episode “The Weekend” for induction into the Canon; then we name the week’s Winner and Loser and move on to a Game Time about TV frogs getting smooched. Grab your sledgehammer and join us!