Game Of Thrones Enters Its Final Round

Kim Reed and Jim Durr return to talk about Game Of Thrones, plus a Homicide-al Canon submission, a non-regulation Game Time, and more!

Game Of Thrones is finally back, and so are Kim and Jim, partly because Tara and Sarah have no real idea what’s going on on the show but also because we treasure their insights on everything from Lady Mormont, to whether Jon and Dany have chemistry (no), to whether ANYONE in any kingdom is wearing a hat (no, and Jim has questions about that). After discussing important matters like dragon kibble, we went Around The Dial with CBS reality shows, The Magicians, Bosch, and Bless This Mess, and Dave sneak-previewed part of our Patreon-only discussion of incorrect spin-offs. Charles put us in the box with Pembleton with a Homicide: Life On The Street submission for the Canon, and while casting agents for streaming services were winners, Lori Loughlin and Massimo Targetini were losers…aaaaagain. Did Tara’s non-regulation Game Time fill our hearts with song? Does Euron look like Pacey Witter? And why is Tyrion’s one-liner game (as it were) going downhill? All those answers and more in an all-new Extra Hot Great.