Making A Break For It With Escape At Dannemora

Kim Reed is back to discuss Showtime's prison-break drama/thriller ('driller'?), plus a GoT Canon submission and a Very Special Announcement!

Resident upstate…er, resident Kim Reed is back to talk about Ben Stiller-directed drama/thriller/Shawshank aspirant Escape At Dannemora. We discuss everything from accents to wardrobe to pacing to whether trying to recreate ’70s thrillers is a worthwhile goal. Should Sarah keep watching past Episode 4? Keep listening and find out. After that, we debate whether Dave would Hate This Jekyll-and-Hyde thing on The CW, and go Around The Dial with two comedy specials, Catastrophe, The Final Table, Wellington Paranormal, 30 For 30, and a Very Special Again With This announcement; we also saved five TV characters each in today’s lifeboat Extra Credit; declared Ice T’s breakfast a winner and NBC a loser, and tried to recognize patterns in Game Time. Tunnel on over to an all-new Extra Hot Great!