Regarding Better Call Saul's Fourth Season

Will Leitch returns to discuss the Breaking Bad prequel's pacing and a crackpot letter theory, plus vintage procedurals and a high-volume Game Time!

Better Call Saul came back for its fourth season a few weeks ago, and Will Leitch came back to discuss what’s transpired so far: the deliberate pace, the subplots we don’t care as much about (sorry, Nacho), the forecast for Mesa Verde’s plans for market domination, and what we think becomes of Kim…and of course the provenance of That Letter. We went Around The Dial with Marching Orders, Sharp Objects, Conan‘s transition away from music and the death throes (?) of late-night, and Babylon Berlin before Will had just one more thing on his Canon presentation for the first real Columbo episode. Who won the numbers game in a high-volume Game Time? Bag up that cast and hop into an all-new Extra Hot Great.