Now Re-Entering Westworld

Eve Batey returns to discuss the dystopia's sophomore(-ic?) season, plus the Canon is Flipping Out and much more!

As HBO’s obsession-inducing dystopia returns for a second season, Eve Batey also returns to discuss reflections on capitalism; college-dorm philosophizing; why wigs are still shite in the future; and whether Ed Harris is using a stunt double. Eve claimed not to be a crackpot for calling for a Simpsons cancellation — with a surprising hatchet man — and the Bosch theme may have been deemed Worse Than Jazz before we went Around The Dial with The Handmaid’s Tale, Splitting Up Together, and Unforgotten on Masterpiece Mystery. Then we were Flipping Out over Eve’s Canon submission. Frankenstein‘s author won, Rectify‘s antagonist lost, and it all added up on a very mathy Game Time, in an all-new Extra Hot Great.