Should Silicon Valley Get Another Round Of Funding?

Bobby Finger joins the panel for a discussion of the HBO comedy's fifth season premiere, plus a The Leftovers Canon, Latin-geek Game Time, and more!

Silicon Valley returns for its fifth season on HBO, and a Who Weekly podcast host returns to the panel — this time, Jezebel’s Bobby Finger, and we’re all wondering how much battery the show has left. How many times can it repeat the same cycles? How much longer can it really expect to keep Kumail Nanjiani? And seriously, what’s with all the barfing? After Sarah celebrated a Real Housewife Tiny Triumph, we went Around The Dial with Roseanne, Splitting Up Together, the new Queer Eye, grandpa show American Experience, Barry, and a Will Dave Hate This? update on The Terror, before our guest pitched a first-season Leftovers episode, “Guest,” for the Canon. Dirty John was a winner, another gross man was our loser, and Dan Cassino’s Italianate pronunciation vincit omnia in a Latin-geek-nip Game Time. Grab a mug of your favored office coffee and have a listen to an all-new Extra Hot Great.