Does High Maintenance's Second Season Deliver A High?

John Ramos is back to discuss HBO's pot-adjacent comedy, plus a salamander sex Nonac, Sarah 'SPAAAAACE' wails, and more!

High Maintenance is back on HBO, and John Ramos is also back to talk about the adventures of The Guy in marijuana-delivery-land; whether the show’s too New York-y to be relatable, or warm-hearted enough to have broad appeal; and what exactly happened to that one lady’s cat. We also went around the dial with new Soderbergh joint Mosaic, new-to-John show Insecure, and the same old comforting Top Chef before considering a listener submission for Star Trek: Voyager changed the way we think about amphibians forever. Party Of Five won, casting agents looking for Trumps lost, and speaking of losing, boy did someone screw the pooch in a David T. Cole-authored Game Time. Pass around the edibles: it’s time for an all-new Extra Hot Great.