TGIFF: Thank Goodness It’s Friday Forcenings

It's the deadest TV time of the year, and Monty Ashley's back to help us explore that time's deadest night, plus a dreamy Nonac and Game Time en francais ('onh honh honh honh honh honnnhhhh')!

Monty returns during the deadest week on the TV schedule, and Tara proposed a TV forcening that had us all pick episodes from the week’s deadest night — Friday — for each other to watch. We caught up with House Hunters, searched for Bering Sea Gold, survived A Murder In The Family, and tasted Epic Sweets. Then we assessed whether the Animal Kingdom theme is worse than jazz before going around the dial with Ripper Street, Scientology, and the Face Off spin-off. Will Dave hate an upcoming Orlando Bloom project about faerie expats? Did Monty’s MASH submission enter the Nonac? And what the helle is going on with the theme songs in Game Time? Stop searching the guide and settle in for an all-new Extra Hot Great.