We Say ‘Good Night, Snuggles’ On Our Epic All-FMK Episode

Jeff Drake returns to the podcast for an FMK of proportions so mythic, it blotted out the sun...and all our other regular segments. And Sarah's lunch.

Tara and Dave returned from a brief vacay to the carnage of a Fuck/Marry/Kill round of Wagnerian length and scope. Robot cars, starship captains, streaming (ew) services, Debra Messing characters, Golden Girls, Dean Norris, Briscoe vs. Frisco…people, it was terrifying. And exhilarating! And we can’t unknow any of it, and if you listen, neither will you. How many times did Crying Dawson get killed? Only one way to find out, in an all-new, extra-large Extra Hot great.



  • Lead Topic 🔪 F/M/K