Plowing Through Snowfall

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns to talk about John Singleton's new crack drama.

FX fills Fargo’s time slot with Snowfall, John Singleton’s drama series about the birth of crack, and Nick Rheinwald-Jones joins us to talk about it because he lives in Los Angeles and definitely NOT because he is a crackhead. Sarah explains why she’s not a crackpot for thinking cable networks should just leave swear words in movies. Around The Dial takes us through Lifetime’s movie Tiny House Of Terror, Younger, GLOW, and Prime Suspect – Tennison. Hannah makes her case for our inducting the series premiere of Catastrophe into The Canon, and after naming the week’s Winner and Loser, it’s on to a poetic Game Time. Light it up!


  • Lead Topic ❄ïļ Snowfall
  • I Am Not A Crackpot ðŸĪŠ Basic cable needs to start leaving the swears in movies
  • Around The Dial 📚 Younger
  • Around The Dial ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸŽĪ GLOW
  • Around The Dial ðŸšĻ Prime Suspect 1973
  • Around The Dial ðŸ‘ķ Catastrophe
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Donal Logue
  • Winner & Loser 👎 Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
  • Game Time 🧠 Haiku TV