Is Anne With An E The Red-Headed Stepchild Of Reboots?

Alex Collins joins us to talk about the world of Anne Of Green Gables, Six Feet Under, and more!

New guest and certified Canadian Alex Collins sits with the panel for a discussion of Netflix’s “gritty” take on Canadian kiddie-lit classic Anne Of Green Gables, and how it fares compared with the Megan Follows classic of yesteryear. We went around the dial with The Mick, a documentary about anxiety, a daytime courtroom show (spoiler: Dave WILL hate this), and Downward Dog‘s fleas before we came to bury Nate, not to praise him during Alex’s Six Feet Under Canon submission. Jessica St. Clair won, the Deadwood movie lost (some more), and Game Time made a (series) run for it as we tried to guess which shows had more episodes. Put a doily on your head and enjoy a brand-new episode of Extra Hot Great.