Spring Forward With Our Midseason Roundup!

John Ramos joins the panel to discuss all the new and returning TV we're mad for/meh on, plus DS9 and the hegemony of Chris Hardwick.

Our esteemed colleague John returns for an overview of spring TV: the shows we can’t wait to see or be reunited with; the shows we SHOULD be psyched about, but aren’t; and the shows noooooobody should go anywhere near. We went around the dial with 13 Reasons Why, Tara’s favorite show Legion, teen clam enthusiasts, and the end of Review before John Potts went the extra light-year with his Deep Space Nine Canon submission. Senior citizens both won and lost, before a Game Time had us all trying to guess the hearts of IMDb searchers. We’re watering the seeds of chang…ing the channel in an all-new Extra Hot Great.


  • Lead Topic 🌸 Midseason TV Roundup
  • Around The Dial ✍️ Review
  • Around The Dial πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ Legion
  • Around The Dial πŸ“” 13 Reasons Why
  • Around The Dial πŸ€‘ Retro TV Ad
  • The Canon πŸ›Έ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Winner & Loser πŸ‘ America's Next Top Model Tyra removes maximum contestant age
  • Winner & Loser πŸ‘Ž Groundlings founder Gary Austin dies
  • Game Time 🧠 IMDb Firsts