Who's The King Of The Man In The High Castle?

Our esteemed colleague and historian Chris Huff weighs in on Amazon's alt-history dystopia, a classic '80s Very Special Episode, and more!

Chris Huff returns for a discussion of The Man In The High Castle — what works (set design; Smith); what doesn’t (Juliana; Joe); and whether we’ll finish out the season. The Blotter Presents tipped us to Unsolved Mysteries streaming online, plus the ’16 crime shows to marathon over the holidays, before we went around the dial with Rectify, The OA, Fuller House, and Intervention. Chris hoped we’d Just Say Yes to a drugs-are-bad ep of Family Ties for the Canon, and we declared a winner (TV queens) and loser (the County of Kings) before getting on a first-name basis with another Rob Hartmann Game Time. It’s the last all-new full-size Extra Hot Great of the year, so dig in!