Where No EHG Has Gone Before: The Star Trek Fantasy Draft

Variety's Mo Ryan and draft captain David Snyder join us to explore distant worlds...and fight over who gets Spock.

Trek Week continues on Previously.TV with an all-new Extra Hot Great featuring Maureen “Mo” Ryan and the Star Trek Fantasy Draft! David Snyder kindly shepherded this EHG enterprise (geddit?!) through the lesser science officers, 90210 Borg Queens, and Count Bakula picks the draft entailed. Who will emerge victorious with the very best Trek team*? Stay tuned! But first, go Around The Dial with us for Full Frontal, UnREAL, the Looking movie, Superstore, and a Stranger Squirrel Girl, then see if Mo’s Deep Space 9 pick entered the Canon wormhole. Rita Ora won, bloodsuckers lost, and nobody contested a winner-take-all political Game Time. Make some SPAAAAAAAACE!! on your iPod, then listen long and prosper!