THIS...Was American Idol (And Some Other Stuff)

Stephanie Cangro is back to talk former juggernauts and vintage slapstick.

Sarah D. Bunting is back from baseballing, and Stephanie Cangro is back to discuss the final season of American Idol, the Idol farewell, and what it all meant to us as a culture. Liv and a sugar high told us about Face Off and My Little Pony, and we went around the dial with Togetherness, true crime, dance shows, try-hards, and a creepy deodorant ad. Was Stephanie’s I Love Lucy Canon TOO classic? Should Martin Sheen consider shutting up? And why did Sarah get Rickie Vasquez and a Nats catcher mixed up? Don’t wait until after an ad break to find out with an all-new, unpitchy Extra Hot Great.