The X-Files Returns, And We Want To Believe

Eve Batey's back to see if the truth is really out there for this reboot -- and that's not the only '90s TV we're discussing!

As The X-Files gets back on the case, so does our esteemed colleague Eve Batey — does the show improve after the premiere? What’s with the cast not aging? And who greenlighted those super-gross SFX? After Liv (and Ellie) took us through Face Off, The Blotter recommended American Experience‘s crimey new season, and we went around the dial with Blackish, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Pablo Escobar, enraging insurance ads, and Andre Braugher — who popped up again in Eve’s Canon nom, Homicide: LOTS‘s “Subway” ep. UNReal won, Second Chance lost, and the Game Time season hung in the balance as the panel Venn-diagrammed actors. Give us a listen while you’re hitchhiking to meet your Deep Throat; it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great.