They Win Some, We Lose Some

You can't have an Emmy episode without Joe 'Smooth Joey Apollo' Reid, so don't worry: we got him.

Now that we’ve put our champagne flutes in the dishwasher and peeled off our Spanx, we’re ready to look back on the 2015 Emmy awards telecast, from how much funnier Andy Samberg was than the stiffs in the room to the feelings we experienced watching Jon Hamm literally climb on stage to accept his statuette — and thank God Joe Reid was able to return to the podcast and join us. After Liv gives us her report on the latest Face Off, Sarah debuts a new segment, The Blotter Presents, covering all manner of true crime TV, starting with the 1986 Ted Bundy miniseries The Deliberate Stranger. Around The Dial makes stops at Best Time Ever, So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, and Fargo. Mark makes a brief cameo to update us on a past Tiny Triumph and — spoiler alert! — it’s quite a bit less Tiny than it used to be. Joe makes the case for the induction of the Best Friends Forever episode “Butt Dial” into the Canon, and then after a more overstuffed Winners and Losers segment than usual, it’s on to a Game Time that has us pondering wheels within wheels. Grab some sliders and crab puffs and listen in!