Brain, Fried On iZombie

Eve Batey returns to lend her big brain to a discussion about iZombie!

With iZombie‘s season finale bearing down on us like a cannibalistic gym rat, we invited our iZombie correspondent Eve Batey to join us to talk about the season. Around The Dial takes us through Hoarders Live!, Serial Thriller, Tara’s report on the ATX Festival, and some more outstanding local ads. After Tara shares a recent Tiny Triumph, Eve proposes the “Christmas” episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine for submission to The Canon. After briefly touching on the week’s Winner and Loser, we proceed to a Game Time that just might be fatal. Grab your Cholula and listen up!



  • Lead Topic 🧠 iZombie
  • Around The Dial 🌮 ATX Festival
  • Around The Dial 🧽 Hoarders Live
  • Around The Dial 🔪 Serial Thriller
  • Around The Dial 📺 Local Ads
  • Tiny Triumph 🗯 Pull Quoted
  • The Canon 👮‍♂️ Brooklyn Nine-Nine S01.E11: Christmas
  • Winner & Loser 👍 Love, Pride
  • Winner & Loser 👎 The Duggars
  • Game Time 😵 Bring Out Your Dead!
  • Other Tags The X-Files