In our all-anti-Canon EHG, listeners nominated three eps as their shows' worst ever. We voted. The outcome may surprise you!

It’s time once again to consider nominees for the Nonac — the opposite of the EHG Canon, where the worst-ever episodes of otherwise-good shows reside. After Dave clarified a point of Nonac law, we turned our attention to the “disgusting clothing” and ridiculous challenge in a ninth-season Project Runway; remembered how much we hated stupid Nick, Kalinda’s stupid husband, on The Good Wife; failed to take Joey Potter’s mugging plight seriously on Dawson’s Creek; and said nice things about James Van Der Beek, Michael Kors, and soft-serve ice cream. Did this trio of terror make it into the Nonac, thus closing the books on their respective shows…FOREVAAAAAH? Quick, listen to Extra Hot Great and find out before you get hit by a car or something.