The Bachelorette: Hear For The Right Reasons

Stephanie Early Green joins us to analyze The Bachelor/ette, Sex In The Wild, and other 'fiancee-type stuff.'

Previously’s Bachelor/ette expert, Stephanie Green, joins us — even Sarah, with Time Warner Cable’s capricious blessing! — to discuss the latest Bachelorette finale, slut-shaming, and whether anyone’s still watching it (or going on the show) unironically. After we went around the dial with Stephen ‘DGAF’ Colbert, Dave’s take on Tara’s Fringe rewatch, and The Leftovers book club, Olivia Kwan reported on Face Off, and we wrote Felicity‘s first-season sex episode in our day planners. Did Game Time accept this rose? Was Janeane Garofalo drunk when she recorded those ‘Dear Felicity’ spots? The gang tells all in this week’s Extra Hot Great.