Showing Respect To The Aretha Theory On Felicity

Evil Jennie told us to watch it, and we were Forcened to obey!

There’s one episode of Felicity that virtually every fan agrees is legendarily good; our listener Evil Jennie may be among them, since she submitted “The Aretha Theory” to the Forcening Pool, and the time to consider it is now. Find out if we thought it was better than ice cream or worse than a Banzai Demon hangover. Your latest round of Ask EHG questions concern topics ranging from our true feelings on Hot Potato to the New Jersey tourism jingles of yesteryear. We bring you not three but FOUR Not Quite Top 11 Lists (and, uh, then some). Then we close things up with an Extra Credit from Laura on Ted Lasso’s next gig. Put on your best going-out top and listen!

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  • 15s Of Fame 🀑 The Next Next 15 Seconds Of The Ask EHG Theme
  • Forcening Pool 🍸 Felicity S02.E21: The Aretha Theory
  • Ask EHG πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Dikembe Moo-tumbo?
  • Not Quite Top 11 πŸ’¨ 80s TV shows that could double as names for farts
  • Not Quite Top 11 🏫 Late, Mostly Unlamented College Shows
  • Not Quite Top 11 🀩 One-Off Felicity Guest Stars Who Ended Up Becoming More Famous Than Some Felicity Series Regulars
  • Not Quite Top 11 πŸ’© 80s TV shows that could double as names for dumps
  • Extra Credit ⚽️ Ted Lasso’s Next Gig
  • Mini πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Weird Questions Lightning Round 3
  • Other Tags Ted Lasso