Showing Proper Deference To Star Maidens

A world in which women reign over men? What in the 70s sci-fi?!

We’re in the doldrums of mid-May. None of the week’s TV premieres lit us with a fire of passion. What better time for Dave to make us all watch Star Maidens, a mid-70s British sci-fi show about a CRAZY planet where women are in charge and men are their bitter servants. What could go wrong? For Ask EHG, we solicited your DUMBEST questions, and you came through with queries about, among others, how our pets would get in trouble if they went to school and which of the three of us would win in an EHG Thunderdome. We bring you some all-new Not Quite Top 11 Lists in lieu of the week’s Winner and Loser. Then we close up with Anthobuzz’s Extra Credit submission on updating a Rodman’s World Tour poker segment for the decade of our choice. Get in the Hypnomat and join us!

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  • Lead Topic 👸 Dave Forces Everyone To Watch The Series Premiere Of Star Maidens
  • Ask EHG 🙋🏼‍♀️ Your dumbest questions
  • Not Quite Top 11 🚐 Saturday Morning Programs Whose Titles Could Double As Basic Cable Shows In A Different Genre
  • Not Quite Top 11 🎀 TV Portrayals Of Jackie O
  • Not Quite Top 11 🍁 Canadian Snacks To Enjoy While Watching TV
  • Extra Credit 🃏 Rodman Flush
  • Other Tags Rodman World Tour Star Maidens