Did Mayfair Witches Cast A Spell On Us?

Eve Batey is back to discuss toothless Anne Rice, fake New Orleans, a Supernatural Nonac submission and more!

Anne Rice source material is back on TV, and Best Evidence’s Eve Batey is back to talk about Mayfair Witches, the latest Rice IP to hit the small screen. Listen and find out whether anyone on the panel is going to keep watching, how realistic an Alexandra D’Addario neurosurgeon is, why Interview With The Vampire works better than this one, and when to stop reading Rice. We also went Around The Dial with Harry & MeghanSlow HorsesThe Circle, and “randomized” show Kaleidoscope, before Mlle. Caroline urged us to bet on Supernatural for the Nonac. Abbott Elementary won, various Housewives lost, and Rob Hartmann scrambled our brains with Game Time. Grab your thickest blue gel: it’s an all-new Extra Hot Great.