Roman Holiday

Dave died again so we bring you two Roman-themed episodes from the Patreon perk podcast Extra Extra Hot Great.

EEHG 143: Dave Forces Everyone To Watch The Nero Episode Of Ancient Rome

Don’t you DAAAAAAAAAARE miss this episode.

EEHG 160: Titulus Deest Memento Quaeso Titulum Creare Antequam Conveniant

2071 years ago today, January 7th, the Senate of Rome decreed that Caesar would be declared a public enemy unless he disbanded his army. In ‘celebration’ we each bring two TV entities (show, characters, networks, etc) to the floor that have not quite crossed the Rubicon. Explain why they are on the precipice and the terms they would have to meet to avoid bring declared enemies of the TV state by the EHG senate.


  • Lead Topic 🏛 Ancient Rome S01.E01: Nero
  • Lead Topic 🔪 Crossing The Rubicon